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What to pay attention to when buying aluminum alloy lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-08-13
What should you pay attention to when buying aluminum alloy lifting cage platforms? Following the rise of villa buildings and garden houses, small aluminum alloy lifting platforms have also become a hot commodity. The aluminum alloy lifting platforms have improved the survival products of villa owners on a positive level. It is easy to perform daily upstairs and downstairs actions, and demonstrates the cost level and identity of the owners. So what are the concerns when buying aluminum alloy lifting platforms? Let’s take a look at the following:    1. Purchasing aluminum alloy lifting cage platforms need to be studied Whether it fits with the reserved space in the home. There are usually three types of aluminum alloy lifting platforms: hydraulic, traction, and screw technology. Different types of aluminum alloy lifting platforms have different requirements for installation space. Hydraulic elevators do not require high space and do not need to install a motor room, as long as one side is strong. The wall surface is fine; the traction elevator requires both a wall and an elevator running track. The civil engineering requirements are also high, so it occupies a larger area; the screw technology elevator is the most economical installation space in the elevator. We are spying on the time when we buy elevators. Naturally, we make a correct comparison of the corners, stairwells, and external hanging spaces in the home, and then purchase elevators according to the size and simplicity of the idle space.  2. Performance and safety factor in elevator operation. Most of the elevator users are ordinary residents, and there are still a proportion of elderly people and children in daily use, which requires the purchase of elevators that have simple operation performance and high safety coefficient: first, the elevator door cannot be opened casually when it is in operation. , It must have the protection countermeasures of electricity and door interlocking together; the second is that there is no hoistway and the elevator door is not installed at the same time, and the safe condition of shearing collision should not occur during operation; the third is that the aluminum alloy lifting platform is just not installed For the door, a light curtain door must be installed to ensure that conflicts and collisions do not occur.  3. Does the appearance and appearance of the aluminum alloy lifting platform fit the style of the villa? This is affirmed by the integration of the decoration style of the residents’ villas and the appearance of the elevator. Generally speaking, whether the aluminum alloy lifting platform is installed indoors or outdoors, it is necessary to study whether the color and appearance of the elevator are in harmony with the house design. Whether it will become a bright spot to enhance the character of the family; in addition, whether the elevator uses a closed car or a tour car of transparent material, it must make people feel pleasant and comfortable in the operation of the elevator, without violating harmony, and having a high degree of fit.   The above is the need to pay attention to the purchase of aluminum alloy lifting platform, I hope to help you.
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