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What types of hydraulic lifting platforms are there?

by:Powerston     2021-07-05
In modern society, hydraulic lifting platforms are more and more widely used, and more and more are used in our work. The following editor will introduce you to the main types. The crank arm hydraulic lifting platform adopts new high-quality steel, high strength and light weight. It can be directly connected to AC power or started by the vehicle's own power. It has a fast erection speed. It has a telescopic arm. Degree of rotation, easy to cross obstacles to reach the working position. The mast-type hydraulic lifting cage platform has a large load capacity and reliable working stability. The integral lifting guardrail device has good strength, greatly reduces the height of the whole machine during transportation, and is very convenient for loading and unloading. The assembly or disassembly can be completed by one construction lift. Scissor hydraulic lifting platform is a special equipment for high-altitude operations with a wide range of uses. Its scissor mechanical structure enables the lifting platform to have higher stability, a large working platform and a higher load-bearing capacity, so that the high-altitude operation range is larger, and it is suitable for multiple people to work at the same time. These platforms can meet the various professional needs of your workplace every day.
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