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When the cargo lifting platform cannot be lifted, we can use the pressure valve

by:Powerston     2021-07-08
Can we use a pressure valve when the cargo lifting platform cannot be lifted? Many customers and friends may not be very clear, the following are the staff of the existing lifting platform manufacturers to introduce to you 1. The cargo lifting platform is a battery-driven aerial work platform that can walk and turn on the console surface. The cargo lifting platform is an aerial work equipment that can be used at high altitudes, and the pothole protection system can provide great safety. The cargo lifting platform has automatic and safe ground clearance, can run indoors, is sturdy, reliable and easy to maintain, standard accessories, non-marking tires, slope alarm and two wheels. 2. When the thermal protection of the motor of the cargo lifting platform is attacked, it should be found that the fault is caused by the motor overload or the setting value of the protection device is too low. After the problem is eliminated, it will be put into operation. When the cargo lifting platform cannot be lifted, we can use a pressure valve. After the pressure is released, the cargo lifting platform will automatically slowly lower to its own height. 3. In this case, we need to calmly ask for help from others. The electric motor is a rotating motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and is the source of power for the cargo lifting cage platform. Therefore, attention should be paid to the maintenance and maintenance of the motor of the cargo lifting platform. Let us take a look at the motor maintenance method of the cargo lifting platform. When replacing the motor winding of the cargo lifting platform, the original winding method, scale and number of turns, wire gauge, etc. must be recorded. When these data are lost, the manufacturer should be required to change the original planned winding at will, which usually deteriorates one or more functions of the motor, or even makes it unusable. 4. The use environment should always be boring, the appearance of the motor of the cargo lifting platform should be kept clean, and the air inlet should not be obstructed by dust, fibers, etc. When disassembling the motor, the rotor can be taken out from the extended end or the unextended end. If the fan does not need to be removed, it is more convenient to remove the rotor from the non-shaft extension. Through the staff of the lifting cage platform manufacturer, have you learned the knowledge that we can use the pressure valve when the cargo lifting platform cannot be lifted? Hope our introduction can help you better
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