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When using the lifting platform, be sure to prevent electric shock

by:Powerston     2021-07-13
The use of the lifting cage platform should pay attention to moisture-proof work. Electricity is an invisible and intangible thing, but it is an indispensable part of our modern life. As the main thing for high-altitude operations, the lifting platform should be safe in the process of use. What are the specific little knowledge to beware of electric shock? 1. Non-professionals stop private maintenance: if you encounter any problems, report to the management or the manufacturer in time, and you can't repair it privately. This not only causes damage to the equipment, but also causes a simple electric shock, causing a safety accident. 2. Install a leakage protector: this kind The practice is more common in household electricity use. Applying this practice to production is the most convenient and useful method to avoid electric shock. 3. Regular maintenance of cables and wires: These cables may have insect bites during the storage process. Aging and other scenes simply form a line leakage. In such cases, it should be repaired or replaced in time to avoid electric shock. 4. Stop work in humid environments: stop work in humid climates such as overcast and rainy conditions, and avoid short circuits in the circuit. Leakage. 5. Wet hands stop the work. This is also the simplest point that operators ignore. Generally, they think that the safe voltage of the elevator freight elevator is below 36 volts. Wet hands touch the electric control switch. There is no problem. This is a fault concept, so much more. Simple causes the lifting cage failure, and even when it is severe, an electric shock will occur. Through the staff of Guoqi Electric Platform Company, I will explain to you the safe use and formal operation methods. I hope that customers and friends will be safer in use.
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