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When will the lifting platform not lift?

by:Powerston     2021-08-25
When will the lifting cage platform not construction lift? Regarding the problem of the lifting platform not lifting, Jinan lifting cage platform summarized a few points for everyone. The lifting platform cannot be raised: 1. The oil level is too low and the oil pump is empty: fill up the hydraulic oil. 2. The lowering valve is open: When the lowering button is released, check whether the lowering valve has electricity. If there is no electricity, check the circuit. If there is no electricity, then the lowering valve must be replaced. 3. The motor does not rotate: check the motor and circuit. 4. The motor does not turn, there is a buzzing sound: check the circuit breaker and the motor wiring. 5. Motor reverse rotation: arbitrarily change two phases of the three-phase line. 6. The voltage is too low: check the starter power when the motor load is working. 7. Oil suction filter clogged: clean the filter. 8. When the indicator light is on, press the up button, the motor rotates but the lifting platform does not rise: check the three-phase power contact, the motor reverses after the power supply is reversed, just correct the power supply. 9. Air leakage in the suction section: clean the filter. The lifting platform does not descend: Generally, there are two reasons for the lifting cage platform not to descend: the failure of the descending valve and the imbalance of the descending speed control valve. In the case of pressing the down button, check whether the down valve has electricity. If there is no electricity, then the down valve itself is not faulty. It may be a problem with the circuit. We need to check the circuit. If there is electricity, then it is down. If the valve itself fails, we should clean the down valve or replace the down valve. We can also adjust the descending speed control valve, if the adjustment is invalid, then we need to replace the valve. 125.
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