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Where is the Chinese Gantry Crane?

by:Powerston     2021-04-07
Chinese gantry cranes are also called 'gantry cranes.' From a distance, they look like two long-legged Obamas resisting a column. This type of crane usually carries large cargo at construction sites and container terminals. Chinese gantry cranes are also called 'gantry cranes'. From a distance, they look like two long-legged Obamas against a pillar. Such cranes usually carry large cargo at construction sites and container terminals, and even when building aircraft carriers, they are inseparable from such cranes. So how high is the technical content of China's gantry cranes? So far, 90% of the gantry crane technology used by large shipyards in the world is made in China! The core technology of the gantry crane is the frequency conversion PLC control system. This system can accurately control the movements of the crane, reduce buffering, save energy, extend the life of the crane, and automatically alarm for maintenance when the machine fails. It really can't be solved, only need to connect a laptop, and the repair can be completed in a few minutes. This high-tech is our unique independent intellectual property rights. The 'Hongmen' gantry crane independently developed by our country weighs 14,000 tons alone, which is equivalent to the weight of two Eiffel Towers. It can lift the equivalent of 16,000 tons of goods at a time, which is equivalent to 400 train cars. With such a high load capacity, currently no construction hoist in other countries can achieve it. In fact, it is not impossible for foreign countries to build such a large gantry crane, but it is not as good as China. In the last century, in order to contain the development of China's industry, Western businesses imposed a technical blockade on China. In order to regain the situation, the Chinese began designing from blank drawings, researching step by step, and finally produced a construction hoist with independent intellectual property rights. Back then, a certain shipyard in the UK spent a huge sum of US$20 million in ordering 'Goliya' gantry cranes from China for the manufacture of aircraft carriers. It can be said that China's gantry crane technology has made a huge contribution to the industrial development of the country and the world!
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