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Why do mobile scissor lifts use rectangular tubes

by:Powerston     2021-06-02
Regardless of whether it is self-propelled or ordinary, small-scale scissor-type Shandong lifts use rectangular pipe materials. The mobile scissor-type lifts sold in Shandong are no exception. Whether it is fixed or mobile, we all Rectangular tube of selected raw materials. Why use rectangular tubes? The mobile scissor construction lift selects the scissor arm interspersed to fold up and down. In order to reduce the wear of steel interspersed, we generally install wear-resistant sleeves in the interspersed position. Because the rectangular tube is closed, it has a certain maintenance effect on the wear-resistant sleeve, and the stability of the single-piece steel plate will be much better. Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. selects all rectangular pipes that are fully sealed and seamlessly welded, which can be used safely as long as they are under additional load. The scissor structure of the electric elevator itself is relatively large in terms of equipment wear. Customers must often maintain and smooth them when they are in use. Our equipment has oil injection holes reserved for regular oil maintenance. Wear-resistant sleeves should be replaced if they are used for too long, so that the equipment can be used very well! If we want to know more, please pay attention to us. Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. will sincerely serve you.
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