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Why does the lifting platform decline after the ascending condition is stopped?

by:Powerston     2021-08-26
What is the reason for the decline of the Jinan lifting platform after the suspension of the ascent? One of the faults of the construction lifting platform is the decline of the Jinan lifting platform after the suspension of the ascent. What caused the decline? How to check? ① Check whether the brake contactor of the Jinan lifting platform is closed normally. If the contactor is stuck, it will slide down. If there is any doubt, the brake pad will not only rise and fall, but it will also fall when it is lowered. ②If there is no doubt about the contactor, look at the groove on the brake pad and replace it only when it is worn flat. The condition is that the brake pad is not damaged, for example, it is cracked. ③If it is a frequency conversion lifting cage platform, after sliding down, see if the frequency converter shows a fault code, if you consult the manufacturer. Assuming it is the Yaskawa inverter, the actual SE may be faulty, which means that the timing is wrong, and the contactor that controls the brake response is abnormally closed. A customer asked how often the brake pads of the Jinan lifting platform are usually replaced? This is based on the frequency of use of the lifting platform. If it is continuously used every day, replacement must be more frequent. If the time is relatively small, the frequency of replacement is not so high. 140.
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