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Why does the lifting platform not rise to the rated height?

by:Powerston     2021-08-10
Why does the lifting platform not rise to the rated height? The emergence of the lifting cage platform makes high-altitude operations simple and easy. You can send people or objects to the place where you need to reach by gently pressing the lifting switch. Sometimes, the rated height may not be reached during the use process. This is also Recently, customers have reported frequent problems, and the following lifting platform manufacturers will explain to you what to do. 1. Check whether the motor is working normally, because the motor coil is damaged, there will be 'false operation2. Check whether the fuel tank has bad sealing. If the maximum height cannot be reached, check the fuel tank, as this will cause insufficient pressure, power drop, and inability to ascend to the maximum height. 3. Check whether the hydraulic oil is in good performance. The hydraulic oil of the hydraulic lifting platform should be replaced once a year. The wear resistance and pressure resistance of the hydraulic oil are seriously reduced, which will cause the pressure to drop and the lifting height cannot reach the standard. 4. Check whether there is a problem with the power system. Whether the diesel engine or the power starting system meets the required standards for lifting, the equipment will be damaged due to the failure of the conditions. 5. Check whether there are foreign objects obstructing the key parts of the support arm. We must pay attention to the cleanliness of the key parts. 6. Check whether the limit switch is faulty. The limit switch will run automatically when the elevator platform reaches the rated height. At this time, check whether the operating state is advanced. 7. Check whether the oil cylinder is faulty. The oil cylinder is the main executor of the lifting cage platform. When the equipment is running, check whether the oil cylinder can reach the standard stroke. 8. Check whether it is overloaded and unload it in time. Overloading will shorten the service life of the equipment and affect the normal lifting. To sum up: the lifting platform has gradually integrated into people's production and life. When the mobile lifting platform fails, it should have a certain ability to judge. If there is a serious problem, it should be reported to the hydraulic lifting cage platform manufacturer in time to avoid affecting normal use.
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