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Why is the lifting platform an indispensable tool for high-altitude operations

by:Powerston     2021-07-02
Aerial work is a kind of work that can be seen everywhere now. Equipment such as lifting platform and lifting platform is indispensable. The land in many places will be restricted by conditions. Therefore, many high-rise buildings need to be installed with various lifting platforms during construction. , the freight elevator, otherwise it will not work normally. Why is the lifting platform an indispensable tool for high-altitude operations? Those who have used the lifting platform are well aware that this kind of equipment has many functions. At present, the scope of use of the lifting cage platform is very wide. The equipment can rise and fall mainly due to a feature of the lifting platform itself, such as the curved arm lifting platform and the folding arm lifting platform, as well as a large arm. The front half of the lifting platform bracket will be used. Allows the lifting platform to have many functions. The boom bracket of the lifting platform also has a connection point, which can provide some help when switching modes. When working at high altitudes, it will become safer and the operation will be very convenient. Outdoor installation of straight-top lifting platform, this series of products is a full hydraulic mid-to-high-end lifting platform that is specially tailored for customers, integrates a number of patented technologies and intelligence, and is installed outdoors. The load can reach 40 tons, the lifting cage height is 25 meters, and the car area is 50 square meters. The main purpose is to deliver goods outside the building into the room. Ultra-high and large heavy-duty lifting platform refers to a lifting platform with a height of more than 12 meters, a load capacity of more than 8 tons, and a car area of u200bu200bmore than 15m^2. It is mainly used for lifting ships, helicopters, large vehicles, large materials, etc. A special chassis will be set under the arm and the folding arm lifting platform. The chassis will rotate 360 u200bu200bdegrees, which is very advanced and is a new type of high-altitude operation equipment that is completely mechatronics. In particular, many new-style lifting cage platforms are introduced. This equipment is very advanced and can be controlled flexibly. Under normal circumstances, a lifting device is also installed in the lifting platform, which has a high degree of safety. The lifting device uses a three-dimensional rotating type to safely construction lift the object into the sky. The lifting device can satisfy all aspects of the height of the lifting platform. This makes the lifting platform used very frequently when working at heights. The advantages of the lifting platform when operating at high altitude should be understood clearly before purchasing and using it. Welcome to inquire
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