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Why is the self-propelled lifting platform market favored?

by:Powerston     2021-07-16
Why is the self-propelled lifting platform market favored? platform, as a kind of commonly used mechanical equipment, is more and more used in people's lives. Self-propelled lifting cage platform, as a kind of lifting platform, has become more and more hot in the recent period of time. People are gradually increasing, so what makes the self-propelled elevating platform so hot? The row-type lifting platform can control walking and turning on the table, and can walk fast and slowly under different height working conditions. The convenient operation platform can continuously complete up and down, forward, backward, and turn tasks in the air. The self-propelled lifting platform consists of three parts: a base, a boom and a workbench. The base is welded with corresponding strength steel plate; the arm frame is a shear hinge type vertical lifting. The self-propelled lifting platform is equipped with an overload hydraulic safety protection system for the lifting platform; the self-propelled lifting platform is equipped with an anti-falling safety protection system to prevent pipeline bursts; the self-propelled lifting platform is equipped with a manual lowering valve for emergency lowering in the event of a power failure. The self-propelled lifting platform adopts a finely ground hydraulic cylinder body and imported seals to ensure good sealing performance of the cylinder. The height of the protective fence of the self-propelled lifting platform is between 900MM-1200MM, and the customer can choose the height of the fence according to the requirements. The self-propelled lifting platform does not require manual traction or external power supply. It is more scientific and advanced on the basis of the previous lifting cage platform. It is suitable for all kinds of places that need to be climbed. It is a machine that can be used vertically both indoors and outdoors. The excellent performance of the self-propelled elevating platform in the above aspects has added a fire to the hot situation of the self-propelled elevating platform. We have reason to believe that the future of the mobile elevating platform is broader.
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