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Why is there a blockage when the lifting platform is in use

by:Powerston     2021-06-30
Whether it is a hydraulic lifting platform, a lifting platform, or a lifting platform, there are large or small clogging problems. Regarding the clogging problem of the hydraulic lifting platform, our first thought is whether the water treatment is not good, but it is not the case. According to Engineers have many analysis and experience, we can determine the cause of the hydraulic lifting platform blockage according to the size of the blockage particles of the lifting platform. When the blockage particles are very small, much smaller than the unblocked hole of the hydraulic lifting platform, the cause of the blockage is usually the adhesion blockage. This type of blockage is related to the water quality and the wear of the hydraulic lifting platform material, and the hydraulic lifting is more relevant. Wear of platform material. There are many factors that affect the wear resistance of the inner surface of the hydraulic lifting platform, which are generally considered to be related to the trace elements of the material, heat treatment and processing technology, and it is difficult to quantitatively analyze. From the perspective of use, the simpler method is to choose a hydraulic lifting cage platform with high wear resistance. Under specific conditions of use, the performance parameters that are regularly tested, such as changes in flow rate, spray angle and spray water distribution, can usually find out the wear life of the hydraulic lifting platform in three months to six months. Choosing a hydraulic lifting cage platform with high wear resistance can not only reduce costs, but also reduce production accidents. When the blockage particles are large, they are much larger than the unblocked holes of the hydraulic lifting platform. It is certain that there is a problem with water filtration. 1. Increase the number of filtration stages, and some lifting platforms have filters themselves 2. Replace damaged filters 3. Choose lifting platforms with different atomization structures: (1) Gas atomization lifting platforms. Its atomization structure is also different, one is that the atomization expansion chamber of the lifting platform is empty, which is not easy to be blocked, and the other is that the atomization expansion chamber has an inner core. (2) Water hydraulic lifting platform. One is bladeless, and the other uses blade core atomization, which is easy to block (3) Air-water atomization lifting platform. Under the same pressure and flow conditions, the unobstructed hole is several times, or even dozens of times, that of the water hydraulic lifting platform.
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