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Will the life of the pumping station of the lifting platform be shortened?

by:Powerston     2021-08-23
Shorten the life of the pumping station of the lifting platform? These habits must not be followed. I believe that users who have a lifting platform know that the pumping station is just like the heart to humans for the lifting cage platform. Both its status and its function are extremely important. If the hydraulic pump station is damaged to a certain extent, it also means that the hydraulic lifting platform is damaged to a certain extent. Therefore, we must do a good job in the maintenance of the pump station. And maintenance does not mean that it is done only when the engine is broken, it is to constantly penetrate into the habit of daily use. So what are the bad habits that lead to shorter pump station life? 1. Long-term use of low-quality oil. We all know that inferior oil exists in food, and in the elevator market, inferior oil also exists. If low-quality hydraulic oil is used for lifting work for a long time, it will have a great impact on the failure of the fuel system. Whether it is lifting vibration, weak lifting or even inability to construction lift, it is caused by the use of inferior hydraulic oil. Therefore, this level must be strictly controlled. 2. Use in abnormal power supply environment. Everyone knows that the standard power supply is generally 220v or 380v power supply. In some areas, 220v power supply is unstable, or power failure causes 380 phase loss, which makes the pumping station in an unstable working environment, which will bring comparison to the pumping station. Large load and long-term operation will accelerate the aging of the equipment. When we use it daily, we should naturally have a heart to protect the equipment pumping station. To protect the pumping station, we must first develop a set of daily good habits. mtgx/123.
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