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Will the lifting platform malfunction?

by:Powerston     2021-06-30
The most troublesome problem with the wide application of lifting platforms is a quality problem. If there is a quality problem, it will cause trouble in use. 1. There will be some problems in the lifting platform itself, such as the production and installation of the countertops and support poles. As long as they are found, they must contact the manufacturer to replace and repair them in time. 2. The problem of the lifting cage speed of the lifting platform is that the hydraulic oil should be replaced on time, usually once every six months. If it is used frequently, it can also be replaced once every three months. When replacing, use 32# in winter and spring, and 46# in summer and autumn. of. 3. Whether the hydraulic system of the lifting platform is damaged, if it is unbalanced or overloaded, which will cause the tilt of the table, which will damage the hydraulic system, then it must be replaced or repaired in time, and it can be used until it is normal. 4. The problem of the lifting speed of the lifting platform is the speed reduction, which may be the problem of the hydraulic oil. At this time, it must be replaced in time. There are many types of lifting platforms, including rail lifting freight elevators, lifting cage stages, boarding bridges, and aluminum alloy lifting platforms. Regardless of the type of lifting cage platform, it must be used in accordance with the instructions for use.
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