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Will the lifting platform sway from side to side?

by:Powerston     2021-06-30
With the rapid development of China's economy today, high-rise buildings have sprung up. For the safety of high-altitude operations, lifting platforms and lifting platforms have become ideal choices. Will the lifting platform sway from side to side? Let me talk to you about this problem. Because the lifting platform is in the process of lifting, because the supporting structure and the cylinders and other components have a certain gap and elasticity, and the working hydraulic platform will be subjected to horizontal force, the lifting cage platform will follow Deflection occurs laterally. The method of measuring the natural deflection of the lifting platform: Prepare tools (measurement tools) before measurement: color pens, long boards, steel rulers, etc. platform environment: in the case of outdoor or indoor level 2 wind, the four outriggers are extended and leveled. After the lifting platform is raised, the whole process of rising from the horizontal position to the highest position. Measurement method: During the test, use high buildings or place other equipment in parallel with the lifting platform, erect a long board on one side of the building or equipment, and use elastic colored pens in the transverse middle of the tested lifting cage platform to make the colored pens The vertical board can always be contacted during the whole lifting process of the lifting platform. A straight line perpendicular to the upper surface of the chassis is drawn from the tip of the colored pen and extended to the maximum lifting height. The deviation of the colored pen from the straight line on the vertical board is measured during the lifting process The maximum distance of is the amount of natural deflection. The above measurement method is performed twice when the lifting platform is unloaded and when the maximum load is to be carried. Quality index: The yaw amount of the hydraulic lifting platform during the lifting and lowering process shall not be greater than 0.5% of the maximum lifting height of the platform. For example, if the lifting cage platform is raised by 10 meters and the swing does not exceed 0.05 meters, it is qualified as a normal standard.
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