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Winter construction electricity safety knowledge

Winter construction electricity safety knowledge


Electric shock accident is one of the most common accidents in construction. Electricity use in winter is more than usual, and bad weather also has an impact on power lines, so in winter construction, electricity safety must be kept in mind.

1.     The installation of electric wires, lamp socket and electrical equipment must be carried out by professional electricians. It is forbidden to disturb the wires and hang clothes on the wires.

2.     The electrical equipment on the construction site must be used in strict accordance with the system of "one machine, one brake, one leakage and one box", and the electrical box should be locked at any time.

3.     Before winter construction, electricians should conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of all mechanical equipment and cables on the construction site, and immediately remove mechanical and electrical faults. If there are deformation and leakage of electricity and other unsafe risks, timely repair and reinforcement should be done. If there are serious risks, production should be stopped immediately, and solutions should be arranged immediately to ensure the safety of electricity.

4.     The use of bare wire is strictly prohibited. The cable with three or more broken shall not be put into use.

5.     12v safety voltage shall be adopted in damp places.

6.     Powered tools should be used after qualified inspection by professional electricians. If the shell, handle is broken, power cord is damaged and the plug is damaged, it should not be used. Special grounding circuit shall be set up for welding operation.

7.     When using power tools, the original plug of power tools shall not be removed or replaced, and the cable wire shall not be directly inserted into the power socket without the plug. For power tools that have not been used for a long time and are damp, please ask a professional electrician to measure whether the insulation resistance meets the requirements before using.

8.     When using power tools, check the power supply for leakage protector.

9.     Strengthen the management of electricity consumption during winter construction. Electricians check the performance of leakage switch every day.

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