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Working at heights, why do you choose aerial work platforms instead of aerial vehicles?

by:Powerston     2021-08-28
Compared with high-altitude work vehicles, the advantages of aerial work platform products have brought the working style of high-altitude occupations to a peak.The streamlined and exquisite appearance and the economical applicability of the view make many users the most shrewd approach to their selection. The advantages of this'precise' aerial work platform are now in the following two aspects: 1) The aerial work platform products have greater flexibility in terms of lifting structure, traveling power, etc., and can be used to the needs of many different use occasions. In terms of lifting structure, straight-arm and curved-arm channels can achieve higher working heights and have a good ability to cross obstacles, which are suitable for industrial use such as construction, production and maintenance of large equipment; scissor channels have excellent The stability and load capacity are different according to the type and scale. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor work; the aluminum alloy mast type has light weight and small size, suitable for interior decoration and repair work; the portal structure is simple and stable, Small in size and capable of carrying capacity, it is widely used in the field of warehousing and logistics; the mast climbing structure is excellent in the maximum reachable height, and can be anchored to the construction target.In the field of house building, it is an aspirational thing to replace scaffolding. In addition to the diversity of the lifting structure, and the internal traveling power, the aerial work platform has both internal combustion engine drive and electric motor drive. During this period, the internal combustion engine provides an increasingly powerful power source. Together with the hydraulic generator, it can provide independent power for the work platform. This category of products is widely used. It is used for heavy load and outdoor industrial operation; and the chassis equipped with electric motor is driven by battery, which achieves zero emission and low noise, so it is more environmentally friendly and suitable for most indoor use. Recommended reading: mobile, fixed lifting platform, Scissor type, rail type lifting platform, lifting cargo lifting platform, aerial work platform, lifting stage, etc. Technical support 2) The aerial work platform can move the chassis under the condition that the lifting cage structure adheres to the extended state, and then complete the multi-point work. Compare Due to the constraints of chassis stability and load-bearing ability, the high-altitude work vehicle must be opened on the premise of opening the stable legs on the chassis when its lifting structure is increased. At the same time, it is also necessary to use the lifting mechanism and stable support for its traveling. The recovery of the legs is a condition. This makes the process of changing stations more complex, and requires multi-person cooperation to complete. And the self-propelled aerial work platform uses a special chassis design, and it is usually not necessary to open the stable legs. Under the condition of increasing the lifting mechanism, the staff at a height directly drive the chassis from the console and then move the machine under the high-altitude work station and work continuously, which greatly improves the work efficiency.
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