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Working environment requirements of hydraulic pump station in hydraulic lifting platform

by:Powerston     2021-06-16
The pump station is the heart of the hydraulic lifting cage platform. It is responsible for providing the power source for the whole machine. Pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the pump station during use. At the same time, the working environment of the pump station also has the following requirements. I hope everyone will pay attention: 1. Good heat dissipation is required. Because the hydraulic lifting cage platform works continuously, it must have excellent forced ventilation performance. 2. If a DC motor is used, there should be a transparent window to facilitate the inspection of carbon brushes and commutators. 3. Facing a place with high humidity, it is equipped with a heater inside, with overheating alarm and power-off protection device. 4. For those working in high temperature environment, class f insulation should be selected. 5. Install the lifting platform indoors, and its motor protection level should not be lower than IP23, and should reach IP54 outdoors. 6. All motors should have the specified torque overload capacity in a short time. 7. The fan should have an adjustable delay and power-off function when the motor is not in use, especially the hydraulic lifting cage platform. 8. The motor does not run during the descent of the lifting platform. Therefore, it is necessary to install an overflow valve to control the flow direction of the hydraulic oil in the motor. Conclusion: The good operation of the hydraulic lifting platform is inseparable from the normal operation of the pumping station. In use, pay attention to the noise and overheating of the pumping station. This is a sign before the failure, and take preventive work in advance to minimize the loss.
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